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Abstract: Many high school students have ambitions in research but no idea where to start. Rising Researchers assists these students through educational workshops and informational presentations. With these tools, motivated students can use these resources as a foundation for their success.


Research is an integral part of most academic fields of study. This makes having experience with the processes a very important part of understanding one’s academic and professional development. However, it can be hard to understand how to start, the action needed to find an internship or explore a field of interest, and skills to face a plethora of papers and understand the materials.

Rising Researchers is a club that has taken personal experiences from once being in this position and transformed it into educational materials to assist students currently facing this hurdle.


We have held in-person workshops where we present our modules at Poolesville HS, Clarksburg HS, and Walter Johnson HS in Montgomery Country, MD. Our modules range from dissecting specific research papers to career advice to the different categories of papers out there.


We are expanding to virtual workshops due to COVID-19, so feel free to contact us if you are interested! These uncertain times have caused much worry for students, so we are also hosting Q&A sessions to inform students and alleviate many of those concerns.



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